Pregnant women opt for a loan during pregnancy

Pregnancy is a harbinger of the birth of a child, who is usually eagerly awaited with much joy and excitement. Children represent our future and bring a lot of variety and responsibility to our lives. But those who have children also know that they are very expensive. Especially the first years of life have a lot of impact, because the children grow very quickly during this time and, above all, many things have to be bought from first-born babies, such as a cot, the stroller and a suitable car seat. For parents-to-be, this means that they have to take a lot of money into their hands during pregnancy in order to be able to give the newcomer a proper reception.

Since parents-to-be are usually young couples who have not yet saved a lot of money, the acquisition of all the necessary things is often a financial tightrope walk. Money is lacking everywhere and time is short. Therefore, many pregnant women opt for a loan during pregnancy. This can be used in different forms, but it demands a lot of responsibility from the borrower.

Some preliminary considerations about pregnancy credit

Some preliminary considerations about pregnancy credit

Pregnancy is a very important time in the life of every woman. New life arises in your own body, which has to be looked after particularly intensively and lovingly.

In addition, pregnancy always means leaving the job. Even though in many cases this retirement only takes place over a certain period of time, it also means that the financial situation also changes. The salary ceases and is replaced by the parental allowance, which is only 65 percent of the last net salary. In addition, no one can predict when entry into work will be successful. Even if you have set yourself the goal of fully returning to work after parental leave, no one knows in advance how the child will develop and whether its “condition” allows you to quickly return to work.

All of these factors should be considered before taking out a loan during pregnancy, as they make a significant contribution to whether the borrowing and, above all, the repayment of the loan works as you would imagine.

Small loan amount combined with small monthly installments

Since financial security is already very uncertain during pregnancy, any pregnant woman with a loan during pregnancy should always be limited to a small loan amount, which can be repaid in small installments even if the monthly income is no longer available. The financial burden with a child is so great that large additional expenses are hardly possible in the first years. Therefore, small loans with a long term on a loan during pregnancy are always the best choice.

If the pregnant woman would like to take out the loan on her own, the bank could interfere with the pregnancy. Because every bank employee knows that a mother will not go to work after giving birth, and that income, which is considered to be security, will therefore be lost for the time being. In order not to risk rejection, the loan should therefore not be taken out in a branch of a bank, but online via the Internet. The Internet does not recognize whether someone is pregnant and therefore cannot pass this information on to the bank. As a borrower, however, you can ensure that pregnancy cannot be a reason for refusing the loan during pregnancy.

Consumer credit as an alternative

Consumer credit as an alternative

If there are difficulties with taking out a classic installment loan despite all of this, a consumer loan can be the right choice for a loan during pregnancy. It is offered by dealers of all kinds and is earmarked. By being tied to a specific purpose, income is no longer important as security. Although the retailers also demand certain income per month, these only have to be over 450 USD and are not tied to permanent employment or the like.

Social benefits such as parental allowance are also considered income and are accepted for consumer credit. With the help of the consumer loan, all those things can be bought that are needed for the baby or the expectant mother. As with an installment loan, the debt can also be paid in small monthly installments. The effective interest rate is very pleasant and therefore does not make the loan more expensive. Additional collateral is usually not required since the financed goods are sufficient as collateral.